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f21spree's Journal

Forever 21 Spree
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Forever 21
My Rules:

1) I will be the sole spree organiser.

2. By joining my community, it means you are interested in Forever 21 stuff and willing to participate in the sprees I organised.

3. You are allowed to sell your Forever 21 stuff here, eg. like those you bought wrongly. But you have to state the USD price you bought it for, convert it to SGD using an exchange rate not higher than my exchange rate. Eg. if my exchange rate as at today is 1.427, you can't use any rate or the rate you bought your item for which is higher.

4. Your entry will be rejected if it is not in accordance to point (3).

5. Spree Participation

a) Is for members-only, you need to join the community as a member to post your orders. Email orders to me is not encouraged.

b) If you are not comfortable with the way I am holding my spree, just don't participate.

5. Feedback

a) All spree participants are to refer to the
memories section for their feedback pages.

b) Feedback should be left in the format provided on the profile page. Any feedback that is not left in the proper format should not be included in organisers' feedback counts, they are considered void and will be deleted.


Please do not exploit any loopholes in the rules & regulations you might have stumbled upon. It is not fun to have to create new rules all the time.

Thank you.